Thursday, July 21, 2011

Question #92

How can you possibly decide if you are right about the nature of the universe?

Just askin'

Question #91

Why do people say "F you!" as if that were a bad thing?

Just askin'

Question #90

What do you think would happen if you changed the decade you are in now to the one you would like have lived in in your mind? So even though outside your head it is the twenty-first century, in your mind everyone is wearing fedoras and saying "Hey, what's the big idea," and "What's shakin' Jackson?" and "I have half a mind to put an end to this business once and for all."

Just askin'

Question #89

Where did the kitties go in that space ship, anyhow?
Just askin'
Credit Musewolfman for that one.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Question #88

Sometimes I look at birds and think of how they are supposed to have evolved from dinosaurs. I look down at the pigeons and think "man, you've let really yourselves go. Dang, have some pride."

If you were able to tweak an animal's evolutionary path towards something else or some other attribute, what would you do?

Just askin'

Question #87

Do you have any dishes or utensils or cooking tools from dead people?

Just askin'

Question #86

Who would you let cut your hair with their eyes closed?

Just askin'

Question #85

How are you set for food and water when the zombies come?

Just askin'

Question #84

If you had to, could you board up the house in case of the birds?

Just askin'