Friday, September 28, 2012

Question #100

If you had to shed your skin yearly, would you keep it? Would you try to get it off all in one piece?

Just Askin'.

Question #99

Wouldn't war be better if all of our weapons were only able to cause people to have earth shatteringly intense orgasms from a distance?

Just Askin'.

Question #98

Do you think that there is anyone in the world that regularly calls Nelson Mandela "Nelly?"

Just Askin'.

Question #97

If you had to pee your pants in front of people, would you rather be wearing a tuxedo when you do it? Becuase hey, nice tux.

Just Askin'.

Question #96

What is your least favorite animal? If you were paid $406.82 to do so, and it was cooked properly, would you eat it?

Just Askin'.

Question #95

Are you or are you not seized by a sudden desire to imagine somehow being able to make a good living and support your family by working in a Clash tribute band?

Just Askin.

Question #94

Only you can see that a careless move by a lab tech in a governmental facility will release an incurable plague virus into a major metropolitan area on November 26 of this year. What do you do?

Just Askin'.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Question #93

If you had to keep a person in your basement, would you tell anyone?

Just askin'